Alyse Killeen and Dawn Newton

Join BitGive Board of Directors

Dawn and Alyse

We are very proud and excited to announce Alyse Killeen and Dawn Newton have joined our Board of Directors! Both are very accomplished, energetic, talented, and dedicated to the mission of BitGive. We are honored to have them join our team!

Alyse is a Venture Capital Investor at March Capital Partners and wears many other hats as a startup mentor, founder, author, and advisor in the fintech and blockchain industries.

Dawn is the co-founder and COO of Netki and brings over 25 years of experience in the tech industry including Microcom, InterAccess, & NetZero, as well as nonprofit leadership roles.

We honor their predecessors Stephen Pair and Madeline Finch, both Founding Directors and Officers of BitGive, and Curtis Alling, former Director. We thank each of them for their time, dedication, direction, and talents that have carried us to the beautiful place we are now!

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