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GiveTrack is LIVE with Two Pilot Projects!

GiveTrack successfully launched on October 24th and is NOW LIVE with two exciting pilot projects from The Water Project and Medic Mobile. The BETA release was announced during a presentation at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.

GiveTrack is our flagship project, offering a nonprofit donation platform for financial transparency
and project outcomes in real time!

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We’re Presenting at Money 20/20!

Come see us at Money 20/20 in October! We are very excited to announce that we will be presenting the release of GiveTrack in BETA at Money 20/20! What if you could track exactly where your charitable dollars were being spent?  See a demonstration and learn how GiveTrack provides direct engagement through directed fund allocation and evidence-based outcomes, empowering donors to give more and ultimately increase overall impact. Check out more about our session on October 24th at 5 pm, and come see us in Vegas!

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GiveTrack Launch: New video, demo, & launch presentation

Yesterday we launched GiveTrack in San Francisco  Thanks to all who supported the event.  See Forbes coverage of GiveTrack! Check out our BitFilm Production promo video: We are very grateful for BitFilm and Aaron Koenig’s time to produce this video pro bono! You can also find some behind the scenes pictures and story from our day filming in Buenos Aires from Aaron’s blog post: ‘The Making of the GiveTrack Video.’ We have also released a new demo of GiveTrack:   You can watch our launch presentation at the SF Bitcoin Meetup Season of Giving – Bitcoin Holiday Party below. Thanks to the World Crypto Network for recording and sharing the presentation. Learn more about GiveTrack.

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Season of Giving – Bitcoin Holiday Party

Season of Giving Bitcoin Holiday Party! Join Us on December 8th in San Francisco for GiveTrack’s Launch! We are excited to announce the launch of GiveTrack, BitGive’s revolutionary donation platform. After over a year of planning, fundraising, partnership building, and development, it is finally here! Well, almost … The San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup will host a Bitcoin Holiday Event on December 8th in San Francisco featuring BitGive and the release of GiveTrack. We have invited representatives from our charity partners The Water Project and Medic Mobile to join us. We look forward to seeing many of you there to celebrate the season of giving! December 8, 2016 6:30-9:30 pm DG717 717 Market St #100 San Francisco, CA 94103 EVENT UPDATES: Andreas Antonopoulos has donated several copies of ‘The Internet of Money’ that we will auction off at the event! He has promised to autograph them during his next visit to SF. KeepKey is donating […]

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4th Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference = Amazing

An enjoyable experience was had by all at the 4th Annual LatBITconf!  This year we were back in Buenos Aires where the original LaBITconf was held in 2013. BitGive has been featured as a charity partner and our Founder has been a speaker at each of the four Latin American Bitcoin conferences. The group of native Argentinians who organize this event are some of the most genuine and passionate people on this planet. They have worked tirelessly to establish a strong network of bitcoin communities across Latin America and in their home, Buenos Aires. They have established the Espacio Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Embassy, in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, housed with numerous Bitcoin and Blockchain startups and buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. The whole team has always put together amazing events that are full of great content and a lot of fun! They are also great fans of BitGive! Buenos […]

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Benetech’s Code Alliance Program Supports BitGive

BitGive was honored to be invited to participate in three Code Alliance events this year, including CHI4Good Day of Service, GoogleServe, and a presentation to the Benetech team. BitGive works to leverage bitcoin and blockchain technology for nonprofits worldwide. Its most recent initiative is to build a Donation Transparency Platform, leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency of nonprofit financial information tied to results – allowing donors to see the direct impact of their contributions on the ground. CHI4Good brought together a group of dynamic and dedicated volunteers from all over the world to help BitGive. Diverse skill sets and backgrounds brought fresh ideas to the table. The team spent the day together offering their expertise to the project providing high-value, long-term visioning; interactive user experience input; and data visualization expertise. GoogleServe was an exciting day on the Google Mountain View campus with a team of software engineers, designers, and user experience experts. With […]

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Update on the Donation Transparency Platform

We are excited to update all our supporters on our flagship project the Donation Transparency Platform! After months of fundraising, project strategy, and planning; we are proud to announce the MVP (minimum viable product) is well underway thanks to our amazing funders and supporters! The development of the platform MVP is about 50% complete, and we are excited to share more updates as they are available. The Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation joined the project’s original funders Rodolfo Andrages (Bitcoin Argentina & laBITconf), CoinFabrik, and Rocelo Lopes (CoinBR). Additional on-going support will be provided by Matthew Roszak (Bloq). Personal champions of the project that deserve special thanks also include Matthew Roszak (Bloq) for strategy and fundraising, Juan Llanos for fundraising, and Dawn Newton (Netki) and Rich Morgan for technical strategy and expertise. Each of these folks have been instrumental in getting this project off the ground! Without all these special, talented, and […]

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BitGive Kicks off Sustaining Donor Program with Keep Key & more!

Welcome New Sustaining Donors!  We are excited to launch our new Sustaining Donor Program and with us to kick off proudly is Keep Key and an individual donor Mark Buettner! Innovator ($2,500):                                Early Adopter ($1,000):   Keep Key                                                     Mark Buettner This new program recently launched last month, and we are very excited to kick it off with our first two Sustaining Donors! Keep Key is a simple Bitcoin Hardware Wallet that protects your money from hackers!  We are very grateful to have their support along with Mark Buettner! Our Sustaining Donors’ contributions support BitGive’s Donation Transparency Platform and our mission to drive innovative solutions to global philanthropy via Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Become […]

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