At the end of 2021, we announced that we would go through the process of determining how best to use BitGive’s resources to maximize our impact going forward. Today, we are proud to share that we have found the best path forward with one of our longstanding NGO partners, Heifer International. We will transfer our assets, including GiveTrack, to Heifer in order to help Heifer strengthen its cryptocurrency capabilities.

BitGive has always been focused on the good we can do for people around the world. From the moment our founder, Connie Gallippi, established BitGive, our mission has been to show the world the powerful impact that Bitcoin and blockchain technology could have on philanthropy. Over the years, we proved that time and again through tangible results – a new water well at Shisango Girls Secondary School in Kenya, an ambulance for the Magical Children’s Hospital in Uganda, and hygiene kits and food deliveries in Mexico, to name just a few. And those tangible results led to intangible results on a wide scale – better quality of life, better health outcomes, and beyond.

As our team considered how we could maximize our impact in 2022 and beyond, we looked to Heifer International. Heifer has had nearly 80 years of philanthropic impact and has demonstrated a keen interest in using Bitcoin and blockchain technology in its efforts to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. We know that, in Heifer’s hands, BitGive will continue impacting lives worldwide.

In our nine years, BitGive helped nonprofit organizations from 29 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas directly benefit more than 57,000 people. We are proud to have worked with so many wonderful organizations and to have made a difference. We, as the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit (and therefore the longest-running official philanthropic organization in the space), have shown the world what is possible when you leverage blockchain technology to help people. Thus, we have accomplished our mission – and now, with Heifer, we’ve paved the way for further impact and technological evolution.

Thank you to all of you – our donors, nonprofit partners, and supporters – for everything. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this.

All the best,

Becky Patterson, Acting Executive Director and VP of Finance and Operations, and the BitGive Team

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