Global Pioneer in Digital Philanthropy Harnesses Blockchain as a Force for Good

San Francisco (July 29, 2021) — BitGive, the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit, today announced the celebration of its eighth year in operation. BitGive, through its donation platform, GiveTrack, uses blockchain technology to enable donations in bitcoin or fiat, providing nonprofits a secure and transparent payment system and donors a way to track and view the impact of their donations.

Since inception, BitGive has helped non-governmental organizations from 27 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas benefit more than 51,000 people. BitGive presents an alternative to traditional nonprofit work by ensuring that donors’ generosity always reaches its intended cause. BitGive has worked directly with nonprofits such as Heifer International, Save the Children Mexico, and Code to Inspire to provide food, water, and education to people across the world. 

Connie Gallippi, the first female founder in the cryptocurrency space, established BitGive in 2013 and serves as Executive Director. Ms. Gallippi said, “With investments from major players like Square and Ark Invest, we’ve increasingly seen individual and institutional movement into crypto — and, along with it, the growth of Bitcoin as an innovative way for donors to make a tangible impact. As we continue our progress, we believe the need for our technology will only increase, and BitGive is ready to meet that demand to scale the impact even further.”

As part of the anniversary celebration, BitGive will soon launch several new projects to raise money for building schools with SEED Madagascar and FundLife International in the Philippines, as well as to purchase an ambulance for a children’s hospital in Uganda with Whisper Orphans.

Rumi Morales, Partner and Board Member at Outlier Ventures, who also serves as BitGive’s Board President, offered, “It’s been an honor to help elevate the great work that nonprofits all over the world are doing every day, even as they faced additional hardships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Moving forward, we will continue to help those in need benefit from the vital combination of philanthropy and cryptocurrency.”

Jesus Pizarro, Vice President of Financial Innovation at Heifer International, said, “Through our work with BitGive, we raised $10,000 to support small-scale farmers in their production capacity. BitGive offered a level of transparency that most campaigns do not, which made it especially impactful for our donors.”

To celebrate this exciting 8-year milestone, BitGive is having a hardware wallet giveaway! Follow @BitGiveOrg and retweet their anniversary tweet to enter for a chance to win.

To learn more about BitGive’s platform, GiveTrack, visit the GiveTrack website

About BitGive

BitGive Foundation, established in 2013, is the world’s first Bitcoin and Blockchain technology nonprofit 501(c)(3). BitGive was created with the goal of strengthening the global community’s philanthropic impact by facilitating a faster, affordable, and more secure process for moving funds all around the world. To learn more about BitGive, visit or follow @BitGiveOrg

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