In the past year and a half, our world has faced unprecedented difficulties — the global pandemic has impacted countless individuals in nearly every part of the world, resulting in tremendous challenges to public health and economic well-being.

Similar to the rise in e-commerce sales relative to total retail sales, as the Blackbaud Institute notes, online charitable giving now makes up 13% of total fundraising. Greater access to technology across the globe has fueled a greater ability to do good. As our world becomes more connected each day, taking advantage of what connects us and using it to do good is essential.

 Through it, however, we’ve seen a rise in people’s willingness to help those whose circumstances were dire; a rise in generosity; a rise in goodness. Despite being stuck indoors, people looked outside at the world around them, and gave more than ever. According to the Blackbaud Institute, U.S. charitable donations grew 2% from 2019 to 2020, and online giving increased 21%.

This is the heart of our mission at BitGive: to empower nonprofit organizations with Blockchain and Bitcoin technology to maximize their philanthropic efforts, ultimately increasing their positive impact on the world. By taking advantage of the benefits of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, we can improve the way the world does charity, and thus, benefit the world.

 We’ve put together a short video and one-pager breaking down the benefits of donating with cryptocurrency technology. Through its peer-to-peer network, it allows for virtually unlimited access to every corner of the globe, without many of the challenges that traditional nonprofits often face. With Bitcoin, nonprofits in countries with different currencies don’t have to go through the process of exchanging currency.

It also allows for secure and transparent transactions, ensuring that donations will be put to their intended use. Greater transparency generates greater trust with donors, helping them become more connected and engaged and creating a positive feedback loop of generosity.

Finally, using cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper. At the most fundamental level, this may mean more lives saved. And, in an unpredictable world, providing the most efficient and most impactful means of relief is more important than ever.

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