Major Donors

We’ve received significant support from Major Donors who are a lifeline for our organization. We cannot thank our Major Donors enough for allowing us to continue the work we’re doing, revolutionizing the future of philanthropy.

Founding Donors

BitGive’s Founding Donors supported the first few years of our organization and we are forever grateful for their incredible assistance and belief in what we’re doing.

Transformation Circle ($1,000,000+)

  • Anonymous
  • Pineapple Fund 

Leadership Circle ($25,000+)

  • Anonymous
  • The Mallers Family
  • Tether_is_fiat
  • Tony Gallippi
  • Sandra Ro & Global Digital Finance
  • Matthew Roszak & Bloq

Innovators Circle ($10,000+)

  • Anonymous
  • Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation
  • Allison Coleman Payne

Growth Circle ($1,000+)

  • Anonymous
  • LaBITconf 
  • Perkins Coie Foundation
  • Gabriel Abed
  • BitPay
  • KeepKey
  • Axisflip Cryptofinancial
  • BitGo
  • Fidelity Charitable
  • Elizabeth Rossiello
  • Avalon Life
  • ZenCash Foundation
  • Rumi Morales
  • Mark Buettner
  • Maria Gallippi
  • Patrick Reinhold
  • Mark and Lisa Murakami
  • Alexey Chub
  • Matija Mazi
  • Christopher Rico
  • Peter M. Reis
  • Baker & Hostetler LLP
  • Peter Oliveira
  • Hackernoon
  • Stratum BLUE

Platinum ($20,000+)

  • BitPay
  • Perkins Coie
  • KnCMiner
  • Bitcoin Development Fund
  • Goodwin
  • Zlatin Balevsky

Gold ($10,000)

  • Jeff Garzik

Silver ($5,000)

  • Coinsecure
  • Gem
  • BitPesa
  • Matthew Roszak & Tally Capital
  • Roger Ver
  • Eugene Jhong
  • Allison Coleman Payne
  • Harris Guy Barrett II

Bronze ($2,500)

  • Rocelo Lopes & CoinBR
  • CoinFabrik
  • Rodolofo Andragnes
  • Pablo Gonzalez
  • Xapo
  • Lukka (formerly Libra)
  • Chain
  • Helen & Joe Sangermano
  • Maria Gallippi
  • Brooke & William Mallers
  • Dawn & Justin Newton
  • James D. Robinson

Early Adopters

Big thanks to our Early Adopters, who knew we were on to something amazing from the very beginning!

Zlatin Balevsky
Tony Gallippi
Stephen Pair
Eugene Jhong
Jeff Garzik
Roger Ver
Jake Benson
Wences Casares
Brooke Mallers
William Mallers
Allison Coleman Payne
Maria Gallippi
Helen & Joe Sangermano
Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley

Michael Perklin
Brian Goss
Khai Pham
Curtis Alling
Charles C Voyles
Rocelo Lopes
Matthew Roszak
Steve Beauregard & Lee Fox
Michael Terpin
Lisa Cheng
Andrew Yashchuk
Sheldon Weisfeld
Matthew Mellon
Binary Financial

David Johnston
Nick Spanos
David Bailey
Erik Voorhees
Bruce Fenton
Richard Rofe
Jez San
Jeremy Kandah
W Brad Stephens
P Bart Stephens
Brock Pierce
John Betts/Noble Markets
Brett Russell/BIGbtc
Brennan Byrne
Ken Heutmaker


Caitlyn Mello
Mario Fantoni
Gary Cook
Robert Egan
Peter Yadlowsky
Peter Reis
Max Mellenbruch
Jason Seibert
Henning Eckert
Michael Crypto
Drew McClure
June Pavlovits
Brian Veitch


A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers! We’re a lean organization, focused on helping others do the best they can do. We could never have made it all happen without their tireless work in the early years of our organization.

Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley
Tatiana Moroz
Tony Gallippi
Kyle Pate
Lindsey Spice-Zich
Peter Schneider
Josh Scott
Celeste Pike
Caitlyn Mello
Brooke Mallers
Joe Peck
Jennifer Murck
Phil Maher
Maria Gallippi
Jake Tital
Pepijn van Houwelingen
Dan Weyer
Sarah Blincoe
Pua Pyland
Lisa Jaya Waters
Beth Goss
Brian Goss
Aliya Ladhani
Madeline Finch
Karsten Behrend
Rich Morgan
Jon Holmquist
Juan Llanos
Thokozile Trevor Twala
Caterina Rindi
Nadine Schubert
Chris van Loben Sels
Jef Cavens
Franzi Bauer
Professor Roy Ruddle
Greg Nelson
Vyacheslav Ivanov
Sean Manton
Yomna Abdelrahman
Aaron Cammarata
Angelica Schwartz
Laukik Chitnis
Colin King
Seth Marbin
Deep Datta
Vincent Ius




Phone: +1 916-625-6BIT
PO Box 1697, Truckee, CA 96160




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Phone: +1 916-625-6BIT
PO Box 1697, Truckee, CA 96160




Twitter feed is not available at the moment.