This Blog post is co-authored by Victoria van Eyk (ChangeTip), Elizabeth Ploshay (BitPay), and Connie Gallippi (BitGive).

As second severe 7.3 earthquake and numerous aftershocks have hit Nepal after the first 7.8 that hit several weeks ago and has claimed the lives of over 8,000 people.

Our partners at Medic Mobile have a Nepal-based team that is still unharmed after this second devastating earthquake in Nepal.  They have been on the ground supporting relief efforts for weeks and using mobile technology to navigate the barriers of support.  Now we are increasing our efforts to help them even more!

medic mobile tweet

They have signed up with ChangeTip, and we are proud to be partnering with ChangeTip and BitPay to bring our campaign to Twitter and the ChangeTip community.

Once you have a ChangeTip account with some Bitcoin in it, you can tweet an amount, the word “bitcoin,” and @Medic.  Your donation will go to Medic Mobile’s Nepal-based team.

Join us in supporting their team and the amazing work they are doing!  Send them a donation with ChangeTip!

You can also send a donation here to BitGive’s hosted account for Medic Mobile with BitPay and see updates from Medic Mobile.