Have you shopped yet for Father’s Day?!

It’s right around the corner, and we have a great option for you to save money and donate to charity while you shop for Dad!  The Purse 1% Initiative.

What’s the Purse 1% Initiative? A few months back, Purse integrated with Smile, a charity program that directs 0.5% of Amazon’s purchase to a charity of the user’s choice. Chain sponsored a matching 0.5% to BitGive for the first 4 months. Thank you, Chain!.

We are pleased to announce Libra is our new sponsor for the 1% Initiative with Purse to save customers money and donate 1% to charity on Amazon Smile. Libra will be matching all donations to the BitGive Foundation – Welcome, Libra!

Libra is the premiere accounting, tax, and reporting platform for digital currencies. They are also a BitGive BRONZE Founding Donor.

Purse customers not only get discounts on Amazon, but can also donate 1% to charity (with nothing out of pocket)! This is a perfect opportunity for you to shop for Dad, save money, and donate to charity – all at once!

What’s next?

First, sign up to have BitGive as your choice charity on Amazon Smile, and we’ll receive a 0.5% of purchase price as a donation from Amazon.

Next, shop with Purse and save money using Bitcoin plus DOUBLE the charity donation to a full 1%

To learn more about how Purse works, watch this short video.

Shop, Save, and Donate 1% to Charity!