BitGive’s mission is focused on making a positive impact with Bitcoin on a global scale. At a time when bitcoin is often thrust into the mainstream media spotlight because of negative stories like scandals and arrests, we are proud to present a more positive side of Bitcoin and blockchain technology by showing its immense power to effect change on a global level.

And the mainstream media is picking up on our story! Below is a collection of some of the great media coverage that the BitGive Foundation has garnered over the past few months.

Most recently, Inside Philanthropy featured the BitGive Foundation alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in their article, “Is Bitcoin a Powerful New Friend to the World’s Poor? Some Funders Hope So.” has interviewed our Founder and Executive Director, Connie Gallippi, on a number of occasions, discussing topics like how BitGive is harnessing cryptocurrency to change lives. Connie also contributed to their discussions on “The Risks of Starting a Bitcoin Business,” “Advice on Starting a Bitcoin-Based Business,” the future of Bitcoin, and what needs to happen for Bitcoin to go mainstream.

The Wall Street Journal included BitGive’s charitable campaigns in its article about charities that seek donations in bitcoin.

And finally, Connie Gallippi was recognized in Fortune Magazine as one of the leading women in Bitcoin.

It’s encouraging and gratifying to see that BitGive’s contribution to the positive impact of Bitcoin is being recognized outside as well as inside the Bitcoin community. The more we can promote this positive side of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the sooner people will see Bitcoin primarily as a force for good.

And of course, we’ve been getting some great press in the Bitcoin media as well. Catch up on your reading here:

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