You may have heard of or even participated in our recent BitGive 2nd Anniversary Auction, which attracted donors and bidders from across the industry and around the world.  We even received a second Limited Edition Bitcoin watch from Cryptomatic after the first one donated by coinBR got stuck in customs in Brazil! The auction wasn’t the only way the industry has come together to support BitGive and our work in demonstrating the social impact of Bitcoin. It’s been so exciting to see people from around the Bitcoin community embracing the spirit of BitGive.

NetKi founders, Justin and Dawn Newton, have been incredible leaders, bringing together some wonderful people for event dinners. They have hosted several dinners in both San Francisco and Los Angeles to gather community leaders for an evening of fun and collaboration around tech innovation. On both occasions they picked up the tab and asked all the guests to donate their share of the bill to the BitGive Foundation. This spirit of giving spread amongst the dinner guests and across the community, as people made bitcoin donations and sent out tweets using ChangeTip and other services. Fun pictures of the events and playful messages sent a flurry of positive energy through the community. This was all inspired by Brooke and Bill Mallers’ similar act of generosity at a dinner in Chicago. What a cool way to bring more people into the BitGive village!

We have received lots of assistance in tech and web-specific coding from BitPay over the years, most recently from Rich Morgan. Also, Paul Puey from Airbitz also recently helped us with a little back-end coding to make it easier to donate using our QR code!

We’re also SUPER excited to announce a new partnership with the folks at Bitcoin Metals Co. (These are the people who make those swanky Bitcoin cufflinks that everyone fell in love with during the BitGive Auction!).

BTC cuff links

Bitcoin Metals makes lots of similarly gorgeous digital currency themed jewelry in an effort to raise awareness and increase public acceptance of decentralized and distributed ledger tech. We are honored that they have chosen to partner with us in demonstrating the social impact of bitcoin and blockchain technology by donating 5% of sales to the BitGive Foundation.

 We all know the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. The BitGive Foundation “village” is growing, thanks to the involvement of so many special people. Together we can help raise awareness of the positive power of Bitcoin as it “grows up” in the world.

 Join the Village!

  1. Our Founding Donor campaign is winding down soon, now that we’ve entered our third year of operation. But there is still time to become a part of the BitGive Foundation legacy! Thanks to BitPay, Zlatin Balevsky, Perkins Coie, KnCMiner, Bitcoin Development Fund, Jeff Garzik, Roger Ver, Eugene Jhong, Allison Coleman Payne, Harris Guy Barrett II, Libra, Xapo, Brook & William Mallers, Dawn & Justin Newton, and James D. Robinson for getting that ball rolling.
  2. Become a Member – Join many individual community leaders in supporting our mission on an annual basis.
  3. Sign up with Amazon Smile & they’ll donate 0.5% of purchase price to BitGive. Shop with Purse & choose the 1% Initiative, and a Bitcoin company sponsor will match that 0.5% to BitGive!
  4. Sign up at ChangeTip to have the tips you receive automatically redirected to BitGive. Those bits of tacos and margaritas really can add up!
  5. Sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Twitter @BitGiveOrg. Like us on Facebook.
  6. Tell your friends and colleagues about BitGive!

And finally, check out our on-going charitable campaigns. These are the ways that we can make real change in the world by using the power of Bitcoin. Our Medic Mobile campaign is still going strong. Consider making a donation to support their efforts to cover “the last mile” in bringing healthcare to remote areas of Nepal after the devastating earthquakes earlier this year.

We have some big plans in the works, so stay tuned. The village is about to get a whole lot bigger!