We are so pleased to release a number of pieces to share the story of the Bitcoin community funded water well just completed in western Kenya with our partners at The Water Project!

Thank you to all our donors for this amazing project and experience!

We have an amazing four-part series with Bitcoin Magazine:

Part 1 – The BitGive Foundation: A Bitcoin-powered Nonprofit Doing a World of Good

Part 2 – Celebrating World Water Day: A Profile of BitGive’s Kenya Water Project

Part 3 – Video (Debut): The Opening of a Bitcoin-Funded Well in Kenya

Part 4 – The Future of the BitGive Foundation: Great Potential Amid Uncertainty

At center stage, debuting, is this amazing short video below, sharing the story of Shisango Girls School.

Stay tuned for more on this great project, including a longer video telling the story of how Bitcoin helped to make this project a reality!

Happy World Water Day!

Photo courtesy of Stan Patyrak, The Water Project