Guest Blog: Steven Malca, South American Initiative

Efforts in Venezuela Series: Part 2

Dogs are suffering terribly in Venezuela because of the economic collapse, famine, and severe food shortages.

When you walk the streets of Venezuela you see emaciated dogs looking for food scraps and a little love and attention. But the government is letting these stray dogs die of starvation while the truly desperate are killing dogs for food.

With no food, dog owners are forced to abandon their pets to focus on their own personal survival. It’s heartbreaking to see pet lovers have to choose between caring for their pets or providing for their children and loved ones.

That’s why the South American Initiative (SAI) is helping to provide food and medical care for abandoned pets in Venezuela. These innocent creatures need our help survive this political and economic crisis.

SAI knows the importance of taking care of domestic animals to help keep balance and compassion in the culture and to prevent animal diseases from spreading to humans. They do this by providing quality dog food, K-9 medicines, vaccinations to prevent the spread of rabies and plague carrying fleas.

If you love dogs like we do, please consider donating money so SAI can protect and defend these innocent animals during these troubled times in Venezuela. Every Bit makes a difference. Please donate today!