Guest Blog: Steven Malca, South American Initiative

Efforts in Venezuela Series, Part 1 

It’s both puzzling and depressing to see nothing but empty shelves where there was once an abundance of food. Welcome to life in Venezuela!

Imagine waiting in line for 8-hours only to discover that there is no food left for you and your family. Just a short time ago beggars in the  streets were asking for money. Not today in Venezuela. Today, almost everyone is asking for food instead of money. Regular middle class people are now rummaging through the garbage to see if they are lucky enough to find any kind of edible food.

Children can’t escape this dire situation, and they have no idea of how to act or what to do to ease their pangs of hunger. Parents are forced to abandon their children to orphanages or simply leave them in the streets to fend for themselves. This is a heartbreaking situation with little help insight.

That’s why the South American Initiative has become the second largest non-profit organization (next to the Red Cross) in Venezuela. SAI provides food and meals to orphanages and hospitals to help the young, the old, and sick survive this political and economic crisis. It takes food and caring volunteers to help the people of Venezuela get back on their feet and become strong people again.

Through your donation you can help change a life today!