Guest Blog: Steven Malca, South American Initiative

Efforts in Venezuela Series: Part 4

Since May 10, 2019, the gasoline shortage has been a crippling issue in Venezuela. Here is what happens: cars get in line for 3 or 4 hours just to fill-up their tanks so they can go to work. This is not only giving the workers problems, but it also interrupts transportation for everyone.

Distribution & Delivery Schedules In Chaos

The trucks have the same problem; they have to wait in line for hours and can’t keep their distribution & delivery schedules. The wait time for refueling is affecting everyone in all the sectors of Venezuelan life.

Most people don’t understand why this is happening, because Venezuela is a petroleum rich country. All the corruption in Venezuela’s National Petroleum Industry has greatly reduced the number of barrels produced per day with no help in the near future.

Venezuela Now A Buyer of Gasoline — No Longer A Seller

The result is that Venezuela is not able to refine or produce gasoline. Instead, the government is importing gasoline from outside the country making it a buyer when Venezuela used to be the top producer and seller in South America.

This situation hasn’t stopped SAI. We have a small reserve of gasoline that allows us to keep making our deliveries. This makes it possible for us to keep giving food to the orphanages and hospitals and continue with all our charitable programs.

Donors Are The Real Heroes

Private donations make it so we are independent.  We depend on our volunteers and staff to help us. Our Donors are the real heroes. Their support makes it possible for us to continue to feed orphaned children, provide medical supplies to hospitals, and rescue pets abandoned because their families can no longer afford to feed them.

The South American Initiative continues to move forward and bring a brighter future to those who are suffering during this time of political and economic chaos.

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