It is with great pleasure, excitement, and anticipation that I step into a full-time role with the BitGive Foundation.  After 1.5 years of building the organization as a volunteer on the side with a team of amazing Board Members and volunteers, BitGive will now have a full-time Director starting this month.  Thanks to all the amazing support from our Founding Donors, Members, and donations from the Bitcoin community.

Starting the BitGive Foundation has been an amazing life-changing experience! I have learned more than I would have ever imagined, and we are only getting started!  We have accomplished so much already working with truly stellar charitable organizations such as Save The Children, The Water Project, and Team Rubicon.  It has been quite a journey and exceptionally rewarding to help build a global giving culture within the Bitcoin community and welcome well-known nonprofits into the Bitcoin space.

As we move forward into this new chapter, I look forward to having the time to really focus on this endeavor, work with more charitable organizations, and reach out to all of you to help build the strongest philanthropic foundation for the Bitcoin community as possible!

Look for updates from us on charitable campaigns, events, and partnerships as we have so many exciting things coming in just the next few months!  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest news.

Join us now, because Bitcoin’s charitable side is about to take center stage!