We are honored and grateful to have participated in the CHI4Good Day of Service 2016!  

The event brought together a very talented group of nonprofits and volunteers for a full day of service prior to the CHI4Good conference in San Jose!

It was the first event of this kind for BitGive, and we were very fortunate to have a group of dynamic and dedicated volunteers interested in helping out with our project. A diverse group both geographically and in skill sets and backgrounds committed a full day of their time and expertise to support our latest project, the BitGive Donation Transparency Platform.

The project will use blockchain technology to provide a transparency tool for nonprofits to offer donors financial information tied to results – allowing donors to see the direct impact of their contributions on the ground.

We would like to thank Benetech, CodeAlliance, and the CHI4Good organizers for their time and efforts in planning a great day and a very special thank you to our dedicated volunteers! 

See Benetech’s Blog about the day, including BitGive’s participation!