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Make a global impact and increase your tax write-offs/capital gains offsets with BitGive!

It’s up to you! Give back for global impact … or pay the tax man!

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About Bitgive

BitGive is the first and leading Bitcoin and Blockchain nonprofit organization, leveraging cutting-edge financial technologies to connect charitable donations to high-impact initiatives worldwide.

Utilizing The Blockchain For Social Good

Our Executive Director and Founder, Connie Gallippi joined Bitcoin Taxes Podcast to discuss how blockchain technology is perfect for the non-profit sector. We also discuss the benefits of utilizing the blockchain and cryptocurrency for social good, in addition to the added perk of being able to offset crypto capital gains to save you some money come tax time.

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What’s the “evergreen donation effect?”

When you donate bitcoin to us, it stays in bitcoin until it’s used! Watch it continue to gain value - tax free - and be able to do even more good over time.

Have other cryptocurrencies you would like to donate?!

Donate your cryptocurrency on GiveTrack to projects around the world.

GiveTrack helps NGOs around the world leverage Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to fund global projects with high environmental and public health impact using a radically transparent donation platform.

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