IMG_20160507_163956[1]BitGive was honored to be invited to participate in three Code Alliance events this year, including CHI4Good Day of Service, GoogleServe, and a presentation to the Benetech team. BitGive works to leverage bitcoin and blockchain technology for nonprofits worldwide. Its most recent initiative is to build a Donation Transparency Platform, leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency of nonprofit financial information tied to results – allowing donors to see the dgoogleserve2irect impact of their contributions on the ground.

CHI4Good brought together a group of dynamic and dedicated volunteers from all over the world to help BitGive. Diverse skill sets and backgrounds brought fresh ideas to the table. The team spent the day together offering their expertise to the project providing high-value, long-termgoogle bikes visioning; interactive user experience input; and data visualization expertise.

GoogleServe was an exciting day on the Google Mountain View campus with a team of software engineers, designers, and user experience experts. With a dedicated conference room and talented team, we tackled the day and fleshed out a comprehensive project flow, user experience design & wireframes, and even updated our Google Adwords campaigns for maximum exposure.

Lastly, our time with the Benetech team at their Palo Alto office was
an inspiring and rewarding experience. We learned more about the CoBitGive at Benetech 2016de Alliance program and Benetech, heard from volunteers working on other nonprofit projects, and presented BitGive to the group. We felt the genuine passion of the team to offer projects and programs that focus on social impact, and it was a refreshing environment in Silicon Valley.

All in all, our experience with the Code Alliance program, Deep Datta, the volunteers, and the Benetech team has been very empowering, motivating, and productive. As a small startup nonprofit team, the resources that the Code Alliance program has brought to bear gave us a tremendous boost forward, and we are very grateful.

Thank you, Benetech, Code Alliance, our volunteers, and the dedicated organizers for these events!