Our conference features thought leaders from around the globe who will talk about the many ways that crypto and blockchain can dramatically transform people’s lives for the better.

Dan Pallotta

Activist, humanitarian, author, and builder of movements

Fereshteh Forough

Founder & CEO | Code to Inspire

Bernhard Kowatsch

Head of Innovation Accelerator | United Nations World Food Programme

Karla Valas

Head of Fundraising | Fidelity Charitable

Ettoré Rossetti

Senior Advisor Digital, Marketing & Fundraising | Save the Children

Alakanani Itireleng

Founder & CEO | Satoshi Centre

Isaiah Jackson

Author | Bitcoin and Black America

Jill Carlson

Co-founder | Open Money Initiative

Jordan Kruger

Head of DeFi Bloq | Co-founder Vesper

Jesús Pizarro

VP of Financial Innovation | Heifer International

Pamela Morgan

Founder & CEO | Empowered Law

Rhodri Davies

Head of Policy | Charities Aid Foundation

Rumi Morales

Partner | Outlier Ventures

Stephen Pair

Co-founder & CEO | BitPay

Connie Gallippi

Founder & Executive Director | BitGive

Rocelo Lopes

Founder of CoinBR | CEO of Stratum

Songyi Lee

Partner | Weave & Impact Collective

Mike Belshe

Co-founder & CEO | BitGo

Sandra Ro

CEO | Vector Crypto Capital & GBBC

Robert Rutherford

VP Global Operations | BitGo

Dawn Newton

Co-Founder & COO | Netki

Sunny Ray

Co-founder | Unocoin

Blake Goud

CEO | RFI Foundation

Itzel Nava

Internal Coordinator, LACChain Ecosystem | IDB Lab

Paul Lamb

Founder | Man on Mission Consulting

Rodolfo Andragnes

Co-founder & Executive Director | ONG Bitcoin Argentina

Tatiana Moroz

Musician & Founder & CEO | Crypto Media Hub

Ric Shreves

Director Emerging Technology | Mercy Corps

Justin Steffen

Partner | Ice Miller LLP

Wendy Hapgood

Co-founder & Director | Wild Tomorrow Fund

Mehran Hydary

Product Manager | UNICEF Innovation

Ivan Kaleja

Core Contributor LATAM | Blockchain4Humanity

Mark MacDonald

Global Lead Partner | Ernst & Young

Gabriel Kurman

Co-founder & Master Advocate | RSK & IOVLabs