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Our Projects

BitGive has Successful Projects Across the Globe!

Since our founding in 2013, we have partnered with international relief efforts, local charities seeking to create better communities, and carried out global campaigns to encourage giving in bitcoin. Check out the international partnerships we have formed. 

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Nepal Team Now Armed with over 640 Cell Phones for Strengthening Health Systems Post Earthquakes

We supported Medic Mobile’s Nepal-based Team in earthquake rebuild efforts. The Bitcoin community raised 14.84 BTC / $6,449 USD and supplied 644 mobile phones to health workers in the Dhading District of Nepal. These phones will support the new Antenatal Program as part of strengthening health systems after the earthquakes.

Health workers use Medic Mobile to register every pregnancy, track disease outbreaks faster, keep stock of essential medicines, and communicate about emergencies. Their platform is built for the last mile of healthcare, and they are committed to free, open-source platforms. 

Click here to learn more.

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Relief Fund

BitGive and the Bitcoin Community raised $4,850 in one day for Save the Children for Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Relief Fund.   This was one of over 30 charities participating in the Bitcoin Black Friday charity drive that BitGive helped spearhead.

Please see this update on the recovery efforts from Philippines Typhoon Haiyan, our donation of $4,850 contributed to the great work happening there.


Stop Ebola Campaign

Following out successful campaign for the Philippines, Save the Children decided to start accepting bitoin directly!  During our holiday event in 2014, we raised over $1,000 in less than a minute using a text-to-donate bitcoin feature for their Stop Ebola campaign.

You can donate BTC directly to Save the Children here.

Supporting Abandoned Mentally Disabled in Mexico

At the 2015 Latin American Bitcoin Conference, held in Mexico City, MX, BitGive held a charity auction and raised 5 BTC ($2,150 USD) for the Fundación Parlas. Fundación Parlas has been operating as a shelter for 45 years and started in recent years assisting and feeding homeless and abandoned individuals who have mental disabilities. Find out more here.

You can donate BTC directly to Fundación Parlas here.

Water Well Constructed at Shisango Girls School in Kenya

BitGive partnered with The Water Project to raise funds for clean, safe water in developing countries.  We raised over $11,000 (more than our $10,000 goal) and a new water well has been installed at the Shisango Girls School in the Kakamega District of western Kenya. This entire project is funded by the Bitcoin community!

Watch a powerful 3-minute video of our visit to the school.

You can also see details about the project, check out the 4-part series by Bitcoin Magazine, and see The Water Project’s President Peter Chasse’s Welcome Cryptos Message!

You can donate BTC directly to The Water Project here.

Building Homes in Brazil’s Favela Communities

At the 2014 Latin American Bitcoin Conference, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, BitGive sponsored a fundraising campaign for TECHO, raising  —-.  TECHO is a youth-led nonprofit organization present in Latin America & the Caribbean. Through the joint work of families living in extreme poverty with youth volunteers, TECHO seeks to overcome poverty in slums.

You can donate BTC directly to TECHO here.

Southeastern USA Tornado Relief Efforts

BitGive donated 1 BTC to Team Rubicon for Tornado Relief and is encouraging the Bitcoin community to support their efforts.

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization deploying veterans for disaster relief. They were actively assisting in the clean up and relief efforts for the deadly and devastating tornados in the mid-west US in spring 2014.