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Keynote/Event Sessions
Digital and Decentralized Philanthropy
Social Impact & Blockchain
Leveraging Crypto for Good
Cryptocurrency Across Borders

08:00am -
Opening Remarks Rumi Morales, BitGive Board President
08:10am -
Vesper by Bloq Jordan Kruger
08:30am -
World Food Programme Bernhard Kowatsch
08:45am -
Fireside Chat Dan Pallotta
09:45am -
Bitcoin in Botswana Alakanani Itireleng
Alakanani Itireleng is the founder and CEO of a blockchain hub in Botswana called Satoshi Centre. She works with developers to try to increase understanding of bitcoin and blockchain technology and to get developers in Botswana to use this technology to bring solutions to the problems that are faced by Africans in everyday life. The center is currently building a blockchain crowdfunding platform for start-ups in Africa.
10:00am -
Panel: De-Phi and Nonprofits Rhodri Davies, Ettore Rossetti, Ric Shreves and Wendy Hapgood
  • Moderated by Paul Lamb
  • 11:00am -
    Leveraging Crypto for Good Rocelo Lopes
    Founder of CoinBR and CoinPY, CEO of Stratum Blockchain Group, Rocelo Lopes was responsible for the first bitcoin vertical operation development in latin America, from miners to final users. Innovative and pioneering in developing technologies by using encryption and blockchain, the entrepreneur is a reference to the cryptomarket in Latin America, South Africa and now expanding to the European and Oceania markets.
    11:20am -
    Rebuilding Afghanistan2.0 with #AfghanGirlsCode Fereshteh Forough
    Born as a refugee, Fereshteh faced discrimination and was denied access to education. As a woman in technology she faced backlash in her community being an advocate for women's education. Knowledge is power and technology is the tool for this empowerment, that's what enabled Fereshteh to establish Code to Inspire (CTI) as the first computer coding school for girls in Afghanistan in 2015. CTI addresses gender inequities in STEM education, employment and income. It empowers young women in war torn Afghanistan to drive economic and social progress by finding programming jobs, launch technology ventures, become financially independent and successfully compete in the global tech market. CTI envisions women as the catalyst in rebuilding an Afghanistan 2.0 where gender, digital, economic and wage divides no longer exist.
    12:00pm -
    PANEL: Donor / Public Funds: Enabling Greater Transparency & Trust Blake Goud, Connie Gallippi, Jesus Pizarro and Mark MacDonald
  • Moderated by Sandra Ro
  • Sponsored by Vector Crypto Capital
  • 12:45pm -
    Musical Performance Tatiana Moroz
    01:00pm -
    De-Phi & Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning Pamela Morgan
    Leaving a Legacy Leave a legacy to be proud of. Inheritance planning for cryptocurrencies isn't just about you and yours. Today, planning involves reducing taxes, which often involves planning to give charitable gifts. Planning also has the desirable side effect of increasing the security of your cryptoassets. Attend this session, with Pamela Morgan, author of Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: a simple guide for owners, and learn how to start your estate plan and incorporate De-Phi into it. Be remembered as a philanthropist, even if you don't yet consider yourself one.
    01:35pm -
    Bitcoin the Foundation to Enable Transparency and Accountability for Social Impact Gabriel Kurman
    Nonprofits have the need to provide transparency and accountability to donors by sharing financial information and direct project results in order to maximize their social impact. Bitcoin is the foundation that enables them to transfer funds to virtually anywhere, have significantly faster transaction time, lower fees, while providing security, and transparency in real time. Moving NGO funds across borders in a secure and transparent manner means more funds get to the cause faster, having more impact on the ground. Ultimately, deploying this technology at scale and leveraging all of its benefits can aid in moving the needle on major issues facing our global society, which currently we are only able to slowly chip away at, without much significant change.
    02:10pm -
    PANEL: Cryptocurrency Across Borders Stephen Pair, Robert Rutherford, Dawn Newton and Sunny Ray
  • Moderated by Rumi Morales
  • Sponsored by BitPay
  • 03:00pm -
    Crypto for Kids: Using Digital Currency to Educate our Future Isaiah Jackson
    This session will describe the Innovative Learning non-profit where I am a board member and how we are using Bitcoin donations to fund a Bitcoin Summer Camp. We will also explore how students at the high school and college level can participate in the market with help from non-profit education.
    03:35pm -
    Helping the Next Generation to Reimagine Money Mike Belshe
    Tokenized & decentralized assets are already reshaping the global financial system. To prepare for it, we need to change the way we teach our kids finance. A course outline to prepare our children to reimagine money.
    03:55pm -
    Money on the Edge: Cryptocurrency In Closed Economies Jill Carlson
    Jill Carlson shares the work the Open Money Initiative has done to understand the role that cryptocurrency can play in closed economies and collapsing financial systems. From Venezuela to Nigeria to the United States itself, the Open Money Initiative works to understand where and how crypto can serve those who need it most.
    04:15pm -
    Panel: Social Impact and Blockchain Songyi Lee, Rodolfo Andragnes, Itzel Nava, Mehran Hydary and Ivan Kaleja
  • Moderated by Justin Steffen
  • 05:05pm -
    The Overlooked Charitable Power of Bitcoin Karla Valas
    2020 has been a transformative year - and in more ways than one. The pandemic has created unexpected and unprecedented challenges, with needs in our communities growing exponentially. Charitable support is more critical than ever, and you may be seeking new ways to help. 2020 was also a watershed year for cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin as the environment of economic uncertainty and fiscal stimulus has highlighted its potential in portfolios. Plus, institutional adoption of bitcoin has led to more ownership and price action. Supporting the causes you care about most by leveraging bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has never been greater. What will your impact be?
    05:20pm -
    Announce Auction Winners
    05:30pm -
    Conference Closing Justin Steffen, BitGive Board of Directors
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